All We Need Is Love

[Jakarta, October 2011]

A week and more had passed since Quo Vadis. Med was the boy with laughter in his heart who approached me next to my artworks during the exhibition, hands carrying a black guitar and lips bringing along appreciation. Humour gets me anywhere in life and it just naturally bonds people whatever it's paired with. Several days ago I went to Bintaro to have a small picnic by the lake with him and some children at his neighbourhood. We dropped by Med's pad first, picked up picnic blankets, guitar and snacks. Then several happy kids tagged along. I wasn't expecting such a lovely surprise. We set a place by the lake just a minute away from Med's. I love the kids instantly. None of them were shy nor clingy. They came up to me and introduced themselves and so did I. Innocent minds with wild dreams and dancing smiles. They gave away compliments like there's no tomorrow. My camera was passed around and all the kids took pictures with it. My head was still having a banging hangover and one afternoon swept it off in a blink.

• On our way to Bintaro, stopping over at a Warung Tegal to grab a quick lunch, he brought me to a Warteg with a diagonal view of the road from inside •
• Med's dogs, Time and Emit •
• Starting the picnic by the lake •
DSC_8133 copy
• Med and I, jamming every Beatles' songs possible. It was everything I needed for the day •
• Median Rahadi •
• ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ •
• Couldn't thank everyone here enough for the lovely day. It was the kind of pure joy I've been locking somewhere in my imagination since forever and it's like a dream that came alive. Each and everyone of you feel like home. I'm coming back this week with cupcakes and more song, pinky swear •

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Fellexandro Ruby said...

The images you took and how you find joy in the simplest thing in life, they astound me.