Detour me, mon ami

[Bandung, March 2012]

I missed my friends. 
I missed night sky diving in my favourite little town. 
I longed for the chilly air, because there are dancing trees all over the city, you know you've got something to breathe in. 
So when you don't have that at home, you got to go to a place that does. 
And so I came back for a quick visit.


I hitchhiked uphill with familiar faces by my side for hot drinks and night scapes. Sweaters I brought didn't go to waste, friends were wrapping me up with their spare jackets too, I felt a home. We paired ourselves with cups of hot tea which turned ice cold so quickly, and Icelandic tunes on full volume, making jokes that our blasting laughter almost rhymed with the blinking city light. I like being with my friends. Their wildness kept the night warm and young. From where we're sitting, I can see clearly how far I was from the crowd, there's an invisible dividing line between us and a sea of people and cars and motorbikes.

It's past midnight and a friend I'd often like to call 'Sall'y awaited, I went downhill and cuddled with her until the morning came. With her, it's never that girly slumber party kind of treat. We smoked through our endless conversations of everything, it was smokey inside her room, there's a kind of dirty comfortness I didn't mind going through a night with.

When the sun rose, we were sleepless. Sally's man came in the morning with a pack of tales for breakfast then took us to waste our daytime walking through an old town part of Bandung called Asia Afrika, roaming around in between vintage finds, buying things I don't normally buy. Everybody I met on our way was like family I haven't met just yet.

• Escaping uphill before bed •
• Cairo lamb for lunch •
• Parked motorbikes and people alongside Asia Afrika street •
• Things to bargain like crazy •
• Trashes being sorted. The OCD in me almost acted out •
• Sally's man and an old treasure he discovered •
• A scavenger and flowers I like •
• Buying pens with our chosen writings carved on it •
• Approaching sunset, at Sierra Lounge •
• Right before sunset •


Meutia said...

I lived in Bandung for four years before I left it, yet I fall in love again (so soon) because of your photos. To me it's chilly warm town

C said...

There's no time to be falling out of love with Bandung. Thank you Meutia.

hcz said...

Wow, these pictures are beautiful. I just fell in love! Hahah.

Aishanatasha said...

ah mannnn you make me miss home, ah. you're always so poetic, you make places seem better than it actually is (not that i think this way but i mean, you know what i mean)

C said...

Come home. And see me.