April fools only the foolish

[Jakarta, April 2012]

It has mostly felt like a stormy summer and I was barefooted. I spent most of my days watching movies, getting along with my new camera, getting back on track the things that have been going out of line. My Uni application has been sent, I'm still impatiently waiting for the reply. I feel the sudden excitement, discreetly wanting Singapore a little more each day, with no pause on missing Melbourne unfortunately.

Jakarta has been Jakarta, same old city same old struggles and everything that bores me except love. I finally got myself a baby Blue Tongue Skink however I'm still waiting for Crocodile Skinks to be back in the market so we can complete our terrariums. I told my friends I got a Blackberry on April Fool and they're all very mad at me when they found out I was lying. I spent easy Easter with brothers and boyfriend for a day just being boys in general (that includes me), the boys I grew up with since 21 years ago. The thing that made me happy the most throughout the past weeks was the insane weather's aftermath, several days straight of full moon and clear skies. It reminded me how every rain will eventually pass. And that I got to photograph beautiful night views too of course.

How's your April going so far?

• Half an hour before a storm came one evening •
• Home made Hawaiian fried rice and butter lemon fish fillet for dinner •
• Mom's recycling project in progress •
• Fat loner in the corner •
• Blue, our newborn skink, exploring the terrarium •
• Blue hibernating •
• Lunch one afternoon at HC restaurant, Central Park •
• The full moon four nights in a row •
• Flicking through a beauty spread on CLARA magazine, with the photographer east asleep beside me •
• Romantic words by Plato •
• Crescent moon and lover dozing off wrapped around me •
• Spending an afternoon with the brothers and beau in Plaza Senayan •
• Easter spirit •
• Marc Jacobs fashion show, while all I was looking forward to that night was the hangout with my loved ones. Thank you anyway Andra for the lovely time • 
•  The late dinner at 4Fingers after the fashion show, where the real fun happened •
• The same scavengers I photographed on the street last month •
• 6 •
• Waking up to this every morning now, and feeling rather blessed to have such amazing affections and growing fonder everyday •