Kickstarting December with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

[Bandung, December 2013]

"When everything is going down
Nothing seem to feel same
No one seem to know my name
No one seem to go my way

But who knows if I'll see you again..

Time won't save our soul." ♫


An early cheap flight took me and a colleague to my hometown on the last day of November 2013. It was nearing lunch time when we landed and our stay in Jakarta was only one day old as we headed straight to Bandung the next morning.

It was the weekend we've been looking forward to. We took a travel van and and spent good three hours blasting Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on our iTunes all the way, I kept saying to my friend, "damn we'll be seeing them live in a couple of hours", and I kept mentioning how I tend to spend my cash to travel for concerts and short getaways and I'm pretty sure I'd still be doing this even when I'm older.

We reached Bandung in the late afternoon. Planning to be on time to the concert, dinner became early and short, and we headed straight to the venue to get our pre-ordered tickets first. Bandung was drizzling and it got colder in the evening. While waiting for more crowd (hence, more local friends to say hi to), we got ourselves cheap coffee and tea from a stall just outside the entrance gate. Dago Tea House was packed with people in leather jackets and I was trying so hard to kick away the chills from the freezing air. I spotted my best friend Nara among the crowd and before he even came closer I ran and jumped off for a hug. Gate opened around 9 PM and everybody rushed in and started filling up the hall. Nara managed to steal a press/photographer ID from his friend, so I handed him my camera and said "have fun, you know what to do."

The crowd settled in and suddenly the room dropped dark. Red beam slowly started filling the entire hall, like an intro to a hot night ride, welcomed by the screaming from the longing audience and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club went on stage and from that very second onwards, I couldn't remember anything else but 2 hours of pure fun. I had a list of songs I wished they'd play and almost all of them were ticked. Their performance was very entertaining and the exchange of energy between them and the crowd was beyond amazing, they definitely have what it takes to get people addicted to rock and roll. I undoubtedly walked out of the hall when the gig ended with sore throat and tired legs, but my soul was well fed and I was completely satisfied. Nara appeared out of nowhere and handed me back my camera with at least 900 photographs and right away I thought about a blog post that will easily be filled with a collaboration between his amazing shots and my editing.

And as we made our way home, exhausted yet content, I replayed those echoing melodies over and over again, the most favourite punchlines, the grunge of hard rock, messy love,
"Red eyes and tears no more for you my love I fear
Red eyes and tears no more for you my love I fear
No more fear, no more fear, I'm in love".

DSC_3103 copy
DSC_2864 copy
 "She brings the cold and scars my soul
She's heaven sent to me.." ♫ •
DSC_3007 copy
• Peter Hayes and Leah Shapiro, setting the night on fire •
DSC_3197 copy
DSC_3489 copy
DSC_2953 copy
DSC_3181 copy
DSC_3382 copy
DSC_3351 copy
DSC_3399 copy
• The crowd •
DSC_3472 copy
• Heart warming photo •
DSC_3513 copy
DSC_3474 copy
• Spotted: Somebody stealing a #selfie with Robert Levon at the back •
DSC_3538 copy
DSC_3555 copy
• "So was never known on which they choked where books of old and time
It's a complicated situation.." ♫ •
DSC_3647 copy
DSC_3664 copy
• Midnight quickie with this red hot beauty before departing the next morning •

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